What is the Difference Between McAfee Livesafe and McAfee Internet Security

McAfee antivirus software has turned into a whole line of programs for cybersecurity of IT systems. Its products have earned a reputation as comprehensive universal antivirus protection tools. They are designed for home use, protection of small enterprise networks, as well as large and complex corporate segments with dozens of servers. Let’s consider the difference between McAfee Livesafe and McAfee Internet Security with more advanced features than their basic system McAfee Antivirus Plus has.

Protection provided by the apps

According to McAfee livesafe reviews 2020, we can see that the main module of this program is the same as in Internet Security. It contains a traditional set of protection tools: PC virus scanning, email address protection, parental control, file shredder, etc. There is also a separate True Key module which helps you automatically fill in password forms by scanning the owner’s face or fingerprint. But you’ll get a license for one device purchasing Internet Security, and five licenses in LiveSafe.

Cloud storage

The main difference between LiveSafe and Internet Security is the availability of 1 GB of secure cloud storage for your documents, files, and data. The module is Personal Locker, and its main feature is high data security. To connect to the service, you should enter a six-digit pin code and give the answers to your three secret questions.

Peculiarities of Internet Security

McAfee Internet Security is a more advanced package than the basic antivirus, and its main extensions mainly concern its protection in external networks. Its main features (in addition to McAfee Antivirus Plus features) are:
• Advanced parental control that allows you to set up detailed Internet access modes for children and control their visit to certain websites. You can also create lists of forbidden sources, limit the time spent on the network, and set passwords to different functions.
• An enhanced protection core that performs both traditional signature and revolutionary non-signature search for malicious code. Protection systems work here against viruses that don’t have a file body and operate exclusively in the form of code contained in RAM.
• Built-in password manager that allows you to store all password data encrypted and protected from intrusion.
• Functions to encrypt files and various data providing the additional line of protection against any theft.

Peculiarities of Livesafe

Both McAfee Internet Security and Lifesafe are complete protection systems against viruses
that qualitatively identify malicious content in external networks. In comparison with Internet Security, Lifesafe offers even more additional options among which are:
• Installation support in any operational system and on any devices with all installed modules managed from a single point.
• Support of cloud storage from the developers additionally protected by hardware and software to prevent infection providing the dedicated disk space.
• Redesigned multifunctional planner integrated by means of different devices. It is possible to set up a schedule of checks for all devices.
• Even more advanced parental control compared to Internet Security.

Summing Up

Although the Internet made our lives easier, it is important to be safe in the digital world. Because of the increasing number of users being online, the probability of cyberattacks also increases with each day. As a result, it is strongly recommended to install antivirus on your device such as McAfee LiveSafe or Internet Security to protect yourself. Thus, McAfee LifeSafe contains the most complete functionality including additional options among other McAfee antivirus software.