TOP Free Antivirus according to Reddit Users

If you don’t know what the best way to protect your computer from virus attack, this article is for you! Check the best free antivirus Reddit and avoid your device from any issues. 

The Most Preferable Free Antivirus on Reddit

There is a lot of free antivirus software nowadays. It’s great as it’s impossible to avoid viruses without guaranteed protection. A lot of internet ads as well as various spams and scams can be dangerous for your computer device and threaten it suddenly. That’s why we’ve researched Reddit subreddits to understand, which free antivirus is the best according to the large audience of this website.

The majority of Reddit users picked Kaspersky as their most preferable antivirus. It’s not surprising, as this world-famous software has been developing and updating for more than 20 years! There are some versions of this antivirus. Let’s take a look at the latest version of Kaspersky Security Cloud. It includes such features as:

  • PC, Android, and iOS devices protection against viruses.
  • Automatic data analysis and cleaning.
  • Productivity and effectivity optimizing.
  • Suspicious and dangerous files, applications, and websites detecting.
  • Passwords and private documents storage and security.
  • Automatically updating.
  • Send and receive data with VPN encrypting.
  • Simple and understandable security management.

Also, such antivirus has a paid version that provides a wider functionality of its services by providing more comprehensive security, secure connection, password manager, and many others. Kaspersky doesn’t have any major drawbacks as it constantly improves and updates.

Other Popular Free Antiviruses 

Among the less appreciated but still popular antivirus software is Windows Defender. It’s fully free and is provided in every version of Windows 10. Defender successfully deals with the most common virus attacks as well as scanning and analyzing data to keep the system safe. Nevertheless, it has some undeniable cons such as inconvenient interface, long time-taking scans, the lack of dedicated support team and scans scheduling. 

Another leader among Reddit users is Avira Antivirus. They consider this antivirus as the best one against spam and perfectly suitable for options required for the average PC user. However, it has disadvantages as complicated design, limited browser protection (only Chrome and Firefox), and some other small details that can cause issues. Even so, Avira regularly updates and it possibly can become a strong alternative for Kaspersky in the nearest future.

Sophos is a promising one as well. It has a suitable interface, parent control function, the ability to remotely control security, detect viruses, and protects against online dangers. Although, there are long full scans and no quick scans at all. Sophos provides poor security protection against phishing. If a user wants to contact support services, it will take some time as well using the free version. Perhaps that’s why Sophos isn’t as popular as the software mentioned above. However, it’s still a pretty good one.

The last among the best antivirus software according to Reddit is Bitdefender. It handles threatening programs well, doesn’t impact the system much, provides a good VPN, has a very friendly design, and offers numerous additional options. However, there are some disadvantages as well. The entry-level packages are available only for Windows users. Also, the malware protection layers are pretty strong, but not as strong as provided by some commercial antivirus software.